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Interactive Video


The Long Road To San Diego’s First Medical Pot Co-Op

Tracing the city of San Diego’s permitting process for medical marijuana cooperatives.

Graphics: Jorge Contreras/KPBS

Web Videos


Gilgo Beach Investigation

Facebook video to accompany our special edition show on an unsolved murder.

Videography & Editing: Tarryn Mento/MetroFocus

Exploring Neil’s Office

A social media video to accompany an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Editing: Tarryn Mento/MetroFocus
Videography: Steven W. Thompson/WNET

Cantaloupe In 73 Seconds

A stop-motion video that explains data on cantaloupe’s food safety record.

Editing: Tarryn Mento/News21
Photos: Brandon Quester/News21

Graphics: Tarryn Mento/News21, Nathan O’Neal/News21, Brandon Quester/News21

Solo Projects


The Chad White Experience

This was a one-camera shoot done over three days. It was edited in one day and appeared alongside a story on EatSD.com.

Equipment: Canon 5D, Zoom H4n
Videography and Editing: Tarryn Mento

It Takes A Village

I shot this video with three cameras over three days and two nights in Ajo.

Equipment: JVC, HandyCam, Canon 5D
Videography and Editing: Tarryn Mento
Photos: Evie Carpenter
Additional videography by Dustin Volz, Evie Carpenter


Team Projects



Face the Facts: Adam’s Story

Editing: Tarryn Mento
Videography: Jordan Currier, Tarryn Mento, Nathan O’Neal

Giving Light

Editing: Tarryn Mento, Lauren Gilger
Videography: Lisa Ruhl
Photos: Lauren Gilger


TV Stories



Bike Trails Preserve San Diego’s Open Space

A group of mountain bikers hack into a regional park’s landscape to conserve the area.

Videography and Editing: Tarryn Mento/KPBS

Faulconer’s Proposed Budget Is ‘Good News’ For San Diegans

San Diego’s budget official fact-checks the mayor’s annual plan to spend taxpayer’s funds.

Videography: Roland Lizarando/KPBS
Editing: Tarryn Mento/KPBS

Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall Replica Helps Vets, Families Heal

A traveling version of the D.C. Vietnam War Memorial in D.C. helps loved ones move on.

Videography and Editing: Nic McVicker/KPBS

Two City Councilmen Unite As San Diego’s Opposing Voice

After leadership changes on the City Council, two members take on an adversarial role.

Videography: Katie Schoolov/KPBS
Photos: Milan Kovacevic/KPBS
Editing: Tarryn Mento/KPBS

No Deal Yet To Raise San Diego Cop Pay

San Diego cops have been understaffed for years and officers point to low pay as the problem.

Videography: Katie Schoolov/KPBS
Editing: Tarryn Mento/KPBS

Telehealth Helps a San Diego Veteran with PTSD

The San Diego VA pilots a program to help veterans in rural areas receive care for PTSD.

Videography: Nic McVicker/KPBS; Tarryn Mento/KPBS
Editing: Tarryn Mento/KPBS


On Air Reporting



Roundtable: Breaking Down Police Officers’ New Contract

Debrief: San Diego Updates Medical Marijuana Co-Op Rules

Debrief: San Diego Chargers Pair Up With Arch Rival

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